isoftbetBased out of Luxembourg, iSoftBet is a good example of a company that’s managed to focus on quality in an industry obsessed with quantity. Instead of trying to compete with putting out more games than anyone else, they compete by putting out better titles than most of the rest of the competition. By consistently doing this over the past several years, they’ve achieved a position where their titles are known on almost the same level as the top companies in the software side of the industry.

Online Slots

The vast majority of iSoftBet’s games are slots. They are atypical for smaller, lesser-known companies in that they have a number of games that are based on themes from well-known forms of media like movies, television shows, etc. This selection includes games like Rambo, Platoon, Basic Instinct and others. All of their slots are very well-developed, and this includes solid visuals and sounds. The quality of their slots is where it’s really at, and it’s really hard for any other software company their size to compete.

Mobile Approach

Something that’s really put iSoftBet in a position to have a ton of success is the simple fact that they have focused on the mobile market. They make sure that all of their new titles can be immediately integrated into the mobile products of their operators, and this keeps them in the pockets of players at all times. Their games have been especially designed to fit well on the screens of smartphones and tablets, where screen real estate management is just as important as strong graphics and solid gameplay.

Future Growth

The one thing that iSoftBet has behind them that signals future growth is momentum. Every year they get even stronger with a larger reach (including being added to more platforms), a larger audience and more high-quality titles. The games they release each year are always among the best, and they virtually never release a title that doesn’t get a ton of positive attention. Between the quality of their slots and the overwhelming focus they have put on mobile play, which is the fastest-growing segment of the online casino industry, their future is obviously bright.


If iSoftBet has a weakness, it’s that they don’t come out with new games as often as some players would like. With that having been said, they still have new options several times a year, and with a focus on quality over quantity, it’s easy to see how they’re going to continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry for the foreseeable future.