Hot Slot


Hot Slot Features

  • Select your own slot version to play
  • Reveal a hot slot

Hot Slot Basics

  • Game Type : Medium Variance
  • Software : Barcrest
  • Paylines : 10
  • Minimum stake : 10p

Hot Slot

The Hot Slot game by Barcrest has an interesting take on the slots experience that we’ve never seen before. There are five versions of the game, essentially five sets of reels, for you to choose from at any given time. One of them is always guaranteed to be “hot” in that it pays out more than 100 percent. The fun comes into play when you don’t know which of them is the hot slot, and that’s where the name of the game comes from.

Game Layout

On the most basic level, this is a 10-payline video slot with five reels and three rows. Bet sizes are chosen based on how much you want to bet per payline, and that starts at the £0.01 level. This puts the minimum bet size per spin at just £0.10. However, this game has one of the highest maximum bet sizes per spin we’ve ever seen at a whooping £500 with £50 bet on each payline. That’s pretty incredible.

The Hot Slot Game Mechanic

The main mechanic that drives the gameplay starts with a list of the five “different” slots at the top that are listed by color. The games are essentially the same, except one of them has a different payout rate that’s more than 100 percent. You can switch between the slots to try to find the one that pays out more than 100 percent, and you can find out which of them is the hot slot at any time you want by pressing the button in the center of the bottom of the game. However, this will reset it to a randomly-chosen set of reels, so you never know for sure.

Regular Payouts

The top regular payout in the game is 2,500x for five of the golden sevens. Five of the purple, neon bar symbol gets you a 500x win, and that drops only slightly to 400x for five of the blue neon bar. You can also earn 200x for five of the blue sevens, red sevens, bell or watermelon symbols. The lemons, oranges and cherries all pay 150x for five of a kind. You need at least three of a matching symbol for a win in this game, and although there are wild symbols, you don’t get special payouts for multiple wilds.

Big Bet Game

You can play a big bet game for a set price. This forces five spins for a predetermined price, and it gives you better chances of immediately finding the hot slot. The idea is that you can pay 10x for five spins from three randomly chosen slots or 15x for five spins from two randomly chosen slots. One of the slots in the selection is guaranteed to be the hot slot at any given time, so you end up with better odds of landing it.