Odobo Games Review

Odobo GamingOdobo Games has been running since 2008, and they're licensed in Gibraltar. They focus exclusively on HTML5 titles with an eye towards mobile, and they create games in a wide range of genres. Their Odobo Play platform offers games from over 20 different providers all in one place, including titles from Rabcat, Genesis Gaming, Fantasy Factory and others. Overall, their titles are of a very high quality, but they don't have very many of them, and they tend to focus more on mobile games than having a concentration on desktop titles.

HTML5 Focus

Odobo believes something that we've been saying for a few years now: HTML5 is the platform of the future. It allows you to do a lot of the same things as Adobe Flash, but the difference is that HTML5 allows you to do more in terms of having better graphics, sounds and general information in a game on the same hardware. What's more is that HTML5 titles can be played on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers. They're focused on HTML5 titles only, and this shows that they're looking towards the future.

Game Selection

While Odobo is known more for their Odobo Play platform for operators, they're also pretty good at developing their own games. For example, they have extremely high-quality titles like the Legend of Olympus, an online slot that gives players five reels and three rows of Greek mythology action. Another interesting title they've developed is Baccpo, a new table game that combines elements of Baccarat and casino poker. It's really interesting to see a company this forward-thinking deal with creating new table games because it's something that very few companies in their lineup of competition bother with.

Finding Odobo Games

The thing about Odobo is that you're never going to find their titles as the only games that an online casino is running. The simple reason for this is that there just aren't enough of them to let a casino be competitive in today's market, and they're well aware of this. To this end, you have two options when it comes to finding these titles.

Your first option is that you can play with sites that use the Odobo Play platform, and this is a fine choice. You'll be able to enjoy a range of titles from over 20 different developers, and this will give you a strong mix of games that you've probably never seen before if you tend to stick with the main brands.

Your second option is to go with a site that has added Odobo titles to a listing of other games without using the Play platform. This is probably the best option for people who tend to play with the main companies.

Odobo Update

Unfortunately Odobo have closed their doors and stopped transacting since the 10th of june 2016. It's sad to see what has happened to Odobo as their games were great.