Free to Play slotmachines

free play slotsFree play slots are more popular than ever before. Social networking sites have become some of the biggest online gaming destinations in the world, and between that and people just seeking out free slots because that's what they like to do to pass the time, we have more people than ever before getting in on the action. What most people don't know is that you can actually use these games to cash in on real money prizes without actually having to wager anything of your own if you know how.

The Premise of Free Play Slots

The basic premise of a free play slot is that it works exactly like a real money slot except that the game is set up to use virtual credits instead of actual money. In short, you just have a score on a screen instead of changing the value of a real money account balance. Instead of having the thrill and excitement coming from trying to win a profit, it all comes down to trying to get a bigger score than you ever had before, and that's plenty for many players.

The Social Factor

It's important to realize that free play slots often have a stronger social scene than paid slots. Real money players tend to want to take their shot at winning and then, win or lose, go on about their business doing something else. For people who prefer free play games, it's about meeting people and having fun together playing a game that's a mutual interest. This is an aspect of the experience that players shouldn't underestimate, and it's why free play slots have really taken off on social networking sites.

Making Real Money Profits

It's possible to make real money profits from what's basically play money slots if you know how to do it. The key is to play with what's known as a no deposit bonus or casino free chip. These are promotions that essentially give you free money to play the games that an online casino has to offer, but the twist is that, if you meet certain conditions, you can cash out real money winnings. There are some terms and conditions attached to these deals to prevent abuse, but they offer the same experience as regular free money slots with a chance to get real money payouts if you're lucky enough to win.

Terms and Conditions

The first thing you'll need to do when you claim one of these offers is clear a wagering requirement. This requirement is a multiple of the size of the free chip you were given. For example, if you get a $25 no deposit bonus to play free slots, you might have to clear a 20x requirement, and that means you'd need to wager a total of 20 * $25 = $500 before you could cash out. This is entirely reasonable, so you have real chances of winning real money in these games.